Leroy - Tea Master Gold, Foodlover, sporty, keen to travel, connoisseur - that's me


A warm welcome to my page https://www.leroyhenze.com/ .


I would like to introduce myself to you and answer some interesting questions about my blog about tea.

My name is Leroy Henze, I was born in 1995 and completed my training as a hotel specialist in the five-star Hotel Regent Berlin, on the Gendarmenmarkt, in 2016.


In addition to my training, my super interesting and diverse work, I qualified in March 2018 as the youngest Tea Master in Europe (Gold).

After five years with the Regent, I have been working as a Tea Master Gold at the Waldorf Astoria Berlin since July 1st, 2018.


What is a tea master?

A Tea Master is a sommelier for teas trained by Ronnefeldt (German tea company based in Frankfurt am Main), who takes various exams in two different levels, ie first in the silver and then in the gold level.

The rather theoretical silver course takes place in the Ronnefeldt house in Frankfurt am Main, the gold course with an additional practical exam, which I will go into later on in my blog, since my trip to Sri Lanka was simply extraordinary.

As a "global player" on the tea market, Ronnefeldt pays attention to the orthodox, ie tradition-conscious tea production in order to guarantee the high quality associated with it.


Do I have any other qualifications and / or certificates?

Yes, in November 2017 I took a course as a state-approved nutritionist and successfully completed it.

I use this certification in my daily professional life and consciously use my knowledge here.

I am also studying for a fourth semester Bachelor of Sport Management at IUBH University via distance learning

What are my hobbies?

I like doing sports actively and actively. For more than 16 years I played football with the clubs BFC Preussen, Tasmania Berlin, which then played a season in the Bundesliga and FC Viktoria 1889 Berlin, which celebrated the German championship in 1908 and 1911.

Today I am more into running and cycling because I am quite limited in time in my job and my hobbies.

The sport in my life is an important constant for me and the perfect balance to the often stressful job in the hotel industry.


What plans do I have for the future?

I am always curious and I am interested in trying out what is not known, i.e. new. In all areas, at work and also in private.


I already have some new, cool and great plans for the future, but more of these later, in my blog.

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